Dated: 05/29/2018

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Tip #29: Start repairing your credit right away after a big financial upset.

A big financial problem is an emotional as well as a monetary burden.  Plenty of debtors feel so terrible about their financial problems and so uncertain about their money that they go into deep denial, refusing to think or work on their financial problems.  This is likely to only make the problem worse. 

Everybody suffers from financial difficulties once in a while and every professional in the field of finance - from loan managers to bankers - knows this.  Plus, financial professionals - including lenders - want your business and so are willing to work with you to help you solve your problems. 

If you have had a financial problem, or are even headed towards one, start working on repairing the situation right away.  If your credit is suffering because you have not paid some bills, for example, don’t make it worse by waiting until you are reported to a collection agency (by which time your credit rating will have taken an even worse hit). Instead, work on paying off your bills or arranging a payment schedule right away. fix my credit

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Kendra Pack

I point out proven techniques usually hidden from the average homeowner, to make owning a home a dream come true. I provide education to help people restore their credit along with giving action plans....

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